Available courses

This 6 minute class recording will show you what you can expect from my online classes. Enjoy!

This class focuses on nurturing and family bonding, because children whose emotional needs are met will respond better to discipline. Class 1 covers 3 new ways to praise, making positive predictions that encourage good behavior, the power of your words for building your children's self-concept, and ways to decrease behavior problems.

This class introduces 7 simple, respectful discipline techniques. Also covered:  ways to prevent behavior problems, how to discipline without yelling, the key to ending arguing and backtalk, what to do when they refuse to obey, disciplining tips, and building responsibility in children.

This class covers typical behavior problems, including: whining, back talk, refusal to obey, sibling rivalry, chores, homework, tantrums, tattling, lying, bedtime, eating, homework, character development....

Anger Management: recognizing your buttons, what to do when kids push them, how to prevent yelling and losing it, calming techniques, how to handle an out-of-control child...

This class talks about the unique pre-adolescent stage, and the ways parents can strengthen their relationship with their pre-teen. Also covered: the myths regarding teen behavior, the importance of our expectations, communication, active listening, and problem prevention.

This class covers:  an effective alternative to grounding, how to stop arguing with your teens, ways teens manipulate parents, dating, supervision, homework and grades, clothing, peers, music, etc.

This class covers sex, drugs and alcohol, the powerful influence parents have, how parents can prevent and intervene in destructive behaviors, running away, calling the police, depression, suicide threats, etc.